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How this Works

How does this work?

If your goal is to have a website, then there are two things you must have.

1. A domain – commonly this is the name of your website with the suffix (like .com).

2. A place to ‘host’ your website.
Since a website is nothing more than a collection of files and images on a server, you need an account to ‘host’ your files on a server.

In this case, we ‘host’ your files and images on our servers and then you can access them from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Here is what we do for you.

1. If you don’t have either a domain name or a place to host a website, we can do both for you.
Just look for a domain name you like in our domain search tool, and when you find one that you like, simply add it to the shopping cart.

Then, if you don’t have a hosting plan, choose one from our three plans that fit your needs and also add it to the shopping cart.
Once you go through the payment process, thats it!
We will contact you within a few hours with all the information you need to begin.

What is this information?

Your account login
Your cpanel access login
Your server’s ip address
Your DNS names

We don’t just send you this and forget all about you, though.

We make the assumption that you’d like to either create a website or load one.

We will send you information on how to do both.

If you need us to help you load a site, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

2. If you already have a domain name at another registrar, and you only want hosting, then during the checkout process, only purchase the hosting plan you want and during the checkout process, just type in the appropriate space provided your domain name. Thats it! Once you’re throught with the payment process, we set up your hosting account and send you all the info you need.

Note: When you buy hosting, you must provide a domain name, either by buying one or by providing the name during checkout.